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Auguste Rodin – Jeff WallThe thinkersmiteinander gegenüber #1Wed, 18 11 2019.00

In the series miteinander gegenüber (facing each other), two works from different times, genres and styles of art history are placed in relation to each other in order to compare their effect and statement, to bring their particularities into the viewer’s field of vision and to stimulate comparative thinking. Together with the three presenters we will talk about THE THINKERS and the comparative viewing of works of art.

miteinander gegenüber #1 is being developed in cooperation with the subprojects C05 (Prof. Dr. Helga Lutz) and C01 (Dr. Britta Hochkirchen) of the SFB 1288 “Practices of Comparison. Ordering and Changing the World” at the University of Bielefeld.