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Gerhard Richter’s mirrors, glass panes and colored windows – from the 1960s to today
Lecture by Hubertus Butin
Wed, 01 09 21

Like Jacoba van Heemskerck around 1920, some painters today still are working with glass. One of the most recent famous works of art created by a visual artist in this material is Gerhard Richter’s choir window of Tholey Abbey from 2020. Hubertus Butin, Berlin art historian and expert on the oeuvre of this artist, will speak about Richter’s mirrors, coloured glass and paintings on glass. In the 1990s, Butin worked as an art-historical assistant in Richter’s studio in Cologne and then as a guest curator for international museums; he currently works for the Kunsthaus Zürich. Since 1991 he has published numerous essays and books on contemporary art and art theory. In 2014 he published the new catalogue raisonné of Gerhard Richter’s editions and the “Encyclopaedia of Terms on contemporary art” and in 2020 his book on “Art Forgery”.