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(Deutsch) Leben. Liebe. Divers
Ausstellungsrundgang mit Lars Hofnagel und Christina Végh
Mi, 20 10 21
Eintritt + 2 Euro

Human existence in all its entanglements is the central anchor point in Nicole Eisenman’s work. In doing so, Eisenman creates an image of society that is diverse and queer. In the Catholic parish of St. Jodokus in Bielefeld, a “queer service” is held on the third Sunday of every month. What does diversity mean in Catholic terms, and what does it mean in art historical terms? Pastor Lars Hofnagel (Parish of St. Jodokus) and Christina Végh (Director Kunsthalle Bielefeld) invite you to a joint tour of the exhibition, which will focus on these questions and many more.
Please register: anmeldung@kunsthalle-bielefeld.de