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Dark Matter. Thomas Ruff, James Welling
05 11 22
05 03 23

Thomas Ruff (*1958) and James Welling (*1951) are among the best-known photographic artists of the present day. In their works, they explore the conditions of visual perception, also in relation to our use of the photographic apparatus, and the conditioning of our view of the world through photographic images. The exhibition “Dark Matter. Thomas Ruff, James Welling” focuses on works that wrest new possibilities from the photographic image and expand our powers of imagination. We perceive our environment subjectively, we see and feel it against the background of what we can grasp and understand in traditional images and words. Around eighty per cent of the matter in the universe consists of a substance that we do not know: Dark matter. Is it similar with the photographic image? Does it hide more than it shows?
The exhibition is sponsored by Stiftung der Sparkasse Bielefeld and LWL-Kulturstiftung.