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Goshka Macuga | SFB 1288 «Praktiken des Vergleichens»
miteinander gegenüber #4
29 01 22
15 05 22

The series “miteinander gegenüber” (“facing each other”) focuses on a work from the collection, which, in constellation with another work specially selected for this purpose, brings to light surprising or central issues. In the fourth installment of the series, Goshka Macuga’s (*1967, lives in London) “Pavilion for International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation ” (2016) does not encounter another work, but with the Collaborative Research Center 1288 “Practices of Comparison” at Bielefeld University. The pavilion became part of our collection this year through a donation. What is the significance of this encounter? The material concrete catches the eye both when visiting Bielefeld University and when encountering Macuga’s pavilion. In both cases it forms the framework for intellectual work. By means of sculptural vase forms, Macuga gathers thinkers such as Albert Einstein or Olympe de Gouges in her installation and invites visitors to take a seat in it. Numerous researchers and students meet at the university, where the collaborative research center is also located. How does concrete relate to intellectual work? The work of the Polish-British artist Goshka Macuga is often based on research, which she translates into installations, sculptures, tapestries or collages. Her pavilion refers to the history of the “International Institute for Intellectual Cooperation”, which existed in Paris from 1926 to 1946 and was the predecessor institution of UNESCO. How and in which spaces does intellectual cooperation take place? What do we hope for from it then and now? In the series “facing each other,” Kunsthalle Bielefeld is cooperating with scholars from the Collaborative Research Center 1288 “Practices of Comparison. Inspired by the work of Macuga, our cooperation partner himself moves into the focus.

The exhibition series is produced in cooperation with the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 1288 “Practices of Comparison. Ordering and Changing the World” at Bielefeld University.