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Jeremy Deller
Wir haben die Schnauze voll
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Jeremy Deller: Wir haben die Schnauze voll, 2020
Courtesy of the Artist and The Modern Institute
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We thank Jeremy Deller for permission to present his work online during our temporary closure.

The title of the exhibition quotes a protest sign from a Fridays for Future demonstration (it translates to “We are fed up”). In this work, British artist Jeremy Deller (*1966) brings together diverse actors to make socio-political issues visible. In his cinematic work, Ludwig van Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, played by the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, and a number of Bonn schoolchildren meet. The children and the composer are united by their striving for a better environment and a better world, their commitment to freedom and democracy in the course of the centuries. The result is a powerful music video for Beethoven, in which the symphony becomes the carrier of the forceful protest of the climate activists.

The work was created as part of the Beethoven anniversary year and was exhibited at the Bonner Kunstverein in early 2020. Under the impression of the pandemic, Deller has created a series of new, complementary works for the Kunsthalle Bielefeld.

The exhibition was created in cooperation with the Bonner Kunstverein.