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Olaf Nicolai – Chant d’Amour
16 06 18
09 09 18

In summer 2018 the Kunsthalle Bielefeld will present the Berlin-based artist Olaf Nicolai’s Chant d‘Amour on the second floor. In terms of content the show addresses the Kunsthalle’s special architecture by Philip Johnson. Olaf Nicolai’s works are rooted in traditional Conceptual Art, but also have echoes of Romanticism. Using conceptual approaches and various media Nicolai always questions the usual ways of observing the everyday world.
Olaf Nicolai – Chant d‘Amour in the Kunsthalle Bielefeld runs parallel with two other Nicolai shows; one at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen (07 07 18 to 11 11 18) and the other at the Kunsthalle Vienna (There is No Place before Arrival, 13 07 18 to 07 10 18). Together, the three exhibitions develop a comprehensive overview of Nicolai’s multi-faceted oeuvre, while reflecting his interdisciplinary concepts of the past twenty years. Nicolai has developed a unique theme and new works for the shows at each institution. In There Is No Place Before Arrival at the Kunsthalle Vienna Nicolai shifts the focus to the central theme of his artistic work: the “method.” For the LOK in St. Gallen the artist will create a desert symbolizing growth and progress. The three institutions are publishing a comprehensive exhibition catalogue for the entire project.
Olaf Nicolai was born in 1962 in Halle an der Saale. After studying Germany at the University of Leipzig, he began working as an artist in 1990. He is a professor at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (Academy of Fine Arts Munich), where he teaches sculpture and the fundamentals of three-dimensional design. At the 2015 Venice Biennial Nicolai was one of the artists in the German Pavilion; he participated in the documenta 14 last year, with his audio piece In the Woods There is a Bird, which won the Karl Sczuka Prize for Radio Audio Drama in 2017. In 2013 Olaf Nicolai designed a textile curtain for the lecture hall at the Kunsthalle Bielefeld.