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Oscar Tuazon
All We Need

Oscar Tuazon’s (b. 1975) artistic practice is guided by intuitive choices and process-based work. The U.S. artist works with natural and industrial materials to create objects, structures, and installations that viewers can use, occupy, or otherwise engage. His works are rooted in minimalism, conceptual art, 20th century architectural history, and the technique of do-it-yourself and bricolage, in which artworks are constructed from materials available in the environment. Thus, his works are closely related to the social as well as physical space surrounding them and to the audience, which becomes an active part of many works and processes.

Together with Bergen Kunsthall and Kunst Museum Winterthur, Kunsthalle Bielefeld presents a trio of exhibitions that approach Oscar Tuazon’s work in different ways. The three individual projects form an overarching unity and thus provide a multifaceted overview of Tuazon’s artistic oeuvre. The Kunsthalle will show a cross-section of Tuazon’s work from the last ten years to the present day and thematically address questions about artistic and social existential needs: What is absolutely necessary, indispensable, and systemic? What are our essential needs?
“Oscar Tuazon. What We Need” is, after “Aurel Dahlgrün. Summit” the second epilogue to the exhibition “Following the Water” (2022), which concludes the project.