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Gestern. Heute! Morgen? – Architektursymposium 2023

Part 1: Good Spirits, Bad Spirits. Facing the stories of the Kunsthalle

The Kunsthalle Bielefeld, which was opened in 1968 according to plans by the U.S. architect Philip Johnson, is about to undergo a future-oriented general renovation with expansion. In order to remain fit for the future as a museum, not only technical renovations, ecological building and operational management, and monument preservation requirements must be taken into consideration, but also the changed tasks of a museum, which have long since ceased to be defined solely by the classic areas of collecting, preserving, researching, and mediating. Museums today, as “third places,” are meeting places for an increasingly diverse urban society. As part of this complex building project, a symposium is planned starting in April 2023. Divided into three parts, important aspects and questions will be discussed with international experts in order to incorporate the insights gained into the planning process.