We are open!
Face mask (surgical or FFP 2) required.

Please read

It is not required to be COVID tested. And you do not need to register for your visit. As of July 9th, 2021, we do not need your contact data.

The current situation around COVID-19 requires a new way of living together during your visit to the exhibition. Therefore, for your own protection as well as that of your fellow human beings and our staff, we ask you to act responsibly at all times and to observe the following protective and hygienic measures without fail:

If you feel ill and feverish, we ask you to refrain from visiting for the protection of everyone.
Please approach the cash desk only one at a time and follow the instructions of our team.
Pay for your admission using contactless payment if possible.
If there are any waiting times, please wait within the spaces marked on the floor.
Surgical face mask or FFP 2 mask required.
Please observe the recommended hand hygiene, use the disinfectants we provide and please do not touch objects or surfaces unnecessarily.
Please use the lift only one at a time.
Please understand that there may be a limitation of how many people we may welcome at a time.
Always keep a sufficient distance of at least 1.50 to 2 metres from other visitors and our staff. Please move carefully and cautiously in the rooms.
The measures listed here apply as a condition for entering the Kunsthalle Bielefeld and must be observed without exception.

Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to your visit.