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The Kunsthalle building is one of Bielefeld’s best-known landmarks. It is in the center of eastern Westphalia, between the old city center of Bielefeld and the edges of the Teutoburger forest. The view from the front of the building features the distant St. Mary’s Church in the new city and the Sparrenburg castle. The 1968 international style museum by Philip Johnson Museum was renovated in 2002, and thanks to the initiative of museum supporters, the Förderkreis Kunsthalle Bielefeld e.V., the building is illuminated by night.

Kunsthalle Bielefeld is part of Architekturroute Kunstmuseen.


Philip Johnson (left) with architectural model of the Kunsthalle

American architect Philip Johnson (1906–2005) supervised construction of the cube-shaped modern building of red sandstone between 1966 and 1968. It is the only European museum built by the Harvard graduate and former colleague of Mies van der Rohe, who also expanded the architectural department at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.