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The mediation of its exhibitions has been a matter close to the heart of Kunsthalle Bielefeld since its opening in 1968. As the first museum built in Germany after World War II, this area was given its own well-equipped room in the form of the so-called “Malstube. As revolutionary as it was in 1968 to place a creative space for children, young people and adults in an architecturally central position in the museum, the mediation through the most diverse formats has developed since then as a matter of course. In 2010, an additional workroom was installed so that school classes and groups of various sizes can find adequate working conditions. For each exhibition, the Education and Communication Department develops its own outreach program that caters to the different target groups and visitor wishes. We are happy to listen to your suggestions and criticisms. Please contact
Christiane Lutterkort
T 0521.3299950-19