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We are constantly expanding our digital offerings. Here is a brief summary of what we offer.

Children’s Museum: In the Children’s Museum we look at individual works of art from the current exhibitions. Children up to the age of 12 can learn about the artists and their works. Always connected with a variety of work suggestions!
Teens Club: We have founded the Teens Club for young people aged 13 and up. Here, too, the program includes learning about our exhibitions, but also about the museum itself. Creative suggestions included!
Digital Art Packs: We take school groups into our exhibitions via video conference! A subsequent creative component at home or at school can also be offered.
Taking your smartphone to the museum: Most students in 5th grade and above have a cell phone. How can it be used meaningfully during an exhibition visit? In this workshop, we will show some possibilities – from A for app to staged photography and research tasks to Z for zoom tours!

Further offers are currently being developed. Are you a teacher and interested in developing offers together with us? Please contact us!

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Education and Mediation

Matthias Albrecht
Education and Mediation